Mothership is an asymmetric board game with a unique blend of different mechanics: engine building, area control, worker placement and dice combat. The game is set in a faraway future and have three main races: Star Elves, Space Goblins and Humans.

In the game you become captain of a unique gigantic space ship which, will serve you as a command center for all your operations and base for ships and crew. You will stand against other Motherships over a dominance on a hex map that is different every game.





Mothership is created by a team of passionate people who live and breathe art, design and amazing games.

Aleksandra Polańczyk

Marcin Bystrzycki
Character Designer & Illustrator

Paweł Dąbrowski
Ship & UI Designer & Illustrator

Kamil Łowisz
Game Designer & Producer


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